Sylvie Boksenbaum


Sylvie's jewelry is inspired by the shapes and colors of sun-drenched countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico.

Maison boks&baum necklaces and bracelets are the resulting mix of crystal pearls, semi-precious stones, and threads of cotton and silk. The uniqueness of Sylvie's creations are born from a subtle fusion between a fine selection of stones, textures, and colors with meticulous work of hand-crocheting.

Handmade with care, maison boks&baum creations are currently available in boutiques in France, USA, Spain, Italia, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Japan, Switzerland, and Mexico, and on boksandbaum.com

Vibrant jewelry and style, handmade in Mexico.

Sylvie Boksenbaum, Founder of the maison boks&baum, began her creative career in the heart of the famous Marais neighborhood in Paris, where she owned a store that sold luxury knitwear.