De La Forge - Paris

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De La Forge brings new energy and imagination to the movement, aesthetics, and comfort of wearing modern jewelry as fashion art.

The essence of De La Forge’s creative approach is to capture jewelry as sculptures, being constantly open to reinvention that adapts to and enriches our aesthetic sense of the world.

Simple, anatomical, and sublime designs are comfortable and easy to wear everyday. De La Forge collections mix and match with each other, offering a range of materials, colors and freedom for self-expression. “The jewelry then becomes a true accessory of the identity.”

“Inspired by dynamic movements, De La Forge handcrafts contemporary designs for inspirational everyday jewelry.”

De La Forge reimagines traditional jewelry, art, and fashion, and gives new meaning to shapes and designs with a renewed sense of craftsmanship, sustainability, and comfort. De La Forge jewelry is made in France for styles that endure and stand the test of time.