The H*O*T Top 5 Fall Fashion Must-haves!

Have you scored this season's top 5 must-haves to update your fall wardrobe yet?  Check them out on our Hot List below.  See these must-haves and more on our site HOUSE OF TERRANCE today!

1. A Special Coat - this is probably your most important buy. Because once the weather turns, this is the one item that more people will actually see you in. It can make your style statement and it's more important than whatever you're sporting under it. Vintage is a great way to add a special coat to your wardrobe. Interesting cuts, colors and textures are often found for a fraction of the price of current coats. And they can be warmer too!

2. An Oversized Knit - have you noticed how big chunky sweaters have really made a comeback this year? Just last winter we were all wearing slim cut cashmere and shivering in one of the worst winters we can remember. Fast forward to Fall '14 and designers and stores have really covered their bases with oversized, cozy and cuddly numbers we haven't seen since the late 90s! A great way to stay warm and on-trend.

3. A Cool Poncho - the poncho trend has been bubbling up for a few years and this year with all the designer interest in 70s looks, it has finally broken through. Nothing says Boho fashion individuality quite like a poncho! Plus there's the ease factor of throwing it over just about anything and adding instant cool girl style. It works so well with the sportier and more casual styles we're all gravitating to.

4. The Comfy Casual Sweatshirt - are you surprised by the incredible popularity of the sweatshirt? You shouldn't be since there's probably no item of clothing as comfortable and easy to wear. Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy single handedly spearheaded the statement sweatshirt at the luxury end of the spectrum last year and since then everyone has jumped on that bandwagon. And let's not forget our old nemesis normcore!

5. The Backpack - let's face it, many items that were huge during the minimalist period of the mid- nineties are back in a big way and one of those trends was the backpack. Who can forget the legions of women running around with the Prada Nylon or the Gucci Bamboo Mini one? We loved it for it's stylish practicality. Time to get back to that, this is a trend we at H*O*T really get behind!


Robert Gibralter