H*O*T Rules For Wearing Vintage

At H*O*T we love vintage for several reasons.  First, it's the perfect way to get a major dose of individuality into your wardrobe. Most vintage finds are, by the time we're discovering them, one of kind. Secondly, for the sheer joy of the hunt - scoring a special vintage piece in an amazing print, shape or color makes our day! Lastly, vintage shopping can be economical, often costing much less than what's currently in store.  With vintage you get a lot of bang for your buck!  

H*O*T advises keeping the following rules in mind:

1. Always mix vintage with with newer pieces and never wear it head to toe or you could end up looking like you're heading to a costume party (unless you are!)  Pairing vintage clothing with of-the-moment jewelry, shoes, and bags keeps your look modern and interesting.

2. Don't be intimidated by vintage or afraid that you won't look like you. Look for pieces that reflect your style be it classic, boho, edgy or something else. You can always find your style represented in vintage wear.

3. Do try and find earlier versions of whatever the current runway trends are. This season we're seeing lots of mod 60s looks as well as wonderful 70s inspired pieces, especially the early 70s when fringe, florals, and midi lengths ruled. Consider tailoring your finds if they don't fit perfectly.

For some inspiration see this week's H*O*T mixes below which combine vintage and more current pieces.  Can you guess which is which?

Robert Gibralter