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Terry Gibralter, a former stylist for ELLE Singapore in the 1990s, has parlayed her "shopping problem" and keen eye for spotting stylish finds, including amazing designer pieces, into House of Terrance (or H*O*T). New pieces drop weekly, including faboulous vintage selections, at prices that won't break the bank. 

Just how vast is your archive and how far does it date back to?
TERRY GIBRALTER  I have a bit of a shopping problem. I'm also friends with stylish women with the same problem, so I've amassed a trove of clothes, accessories and jewellery that goes back 30 years or so. I try not to think about all the amazing stuff that managed to get away.

How do you decide what to sell on H*O*T?
TG  I really want to sell things that are special in some way. I've bought vintage pieces since I was in high school and vintage makes up a good portion of the things on H*O*T. I love the idea that clothing tells a story and vintage really does!

How do you price your pieces?
TG  A few considerations go into it - the label, the quality and the condition of the item. I have always bought amazing things for prices people wouldn't believe. I am the ultimate sale shopper and always have been, and that's how I've been able to find great fashion at amazing prices.

Tell us more about FashionIDS, your chic version of lanyards for security passes.
TG  FashionIDs were born when my good friend and colleague, Mark Fina, suggested that I make something to hold my work ID. Every day I left it at home because I couldn't bring myself to wear an ugly lanyard. It did not go with my well-thought-out outfits and jewellery.




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