Today H*O*T presents a lesson in pattern mixing.

The quickest way to take an outfit from just ok to something special? Conquer the pattern mix!

At H*O*T we've made note of the outfits that garner the most compliments and they're always the ones that involve a little (or a lot!) of mixed media.

You might think it's difficult to do or just not for you but if you keep a few simple rules in mind you'll be mixing like a master in no time!

1. Stay with just 2 or 3 colors at the most to simplify things and bring your look together. More than that and you risk looking clownish.

2. Scale is all important. Make sure you're using a range of sizes in your patterns to make it more interesting and balanced.

3. Be fearless! Try mixing plaids with florals or animal prints. Or you can go with the same pattern in a different color or size. It all can work, especially if you keep rules 1 and 2 in mind.

Pattern mixing can be an instant way to update your wardrobe by putting things together you might not have considered in the past.  See below for some inspiration from items on sale now at houseofterrance.com


Robert Gibralter