The H*O*T 10 Things We're Thankful For

We all know the big things we're thankful for, you know like -- food on the table, cherished loved ones and the fact that we live in this great country of ours.

But what about some of the little things we're thankful for? We might not mention them when it's our turn to hold forth at the Turkey Day table but we're pretty thankful for them just the same.

Here's our H*O*T list of the 10 little things we're thankful for this November:

1. That we live in a time when a site like this exists because we've wanted to design our own shoes for ages! Shoes of Prey

2. That this style is still on fleek because there couldn't be an easier way to up our evening style for the holidays.

3. That Sephora has finally joined the subscription box fray because lets face it-- theirs will be the best (sorry birch box). Check it out here.

4. For black velvet, its always the right choice for a winter evening out. Here's a perfect vintage example from H*O*T.

5. That we're in the golden age of beauty technology (according to Refinery 29) and that makes this great gizmo possible. Perfect gift for those beauty junkies on your list too!

6. That we got to see Hamilton, probably the best musical ever produced (ok we know we're all about hyperbole) But really, do anything to see it!  At the very least get the sound track, we haven't stopped listening to it. This is how it all began.

 7. That it's perfectly acceptable to wear these to Thanksgiving dinner. Just think how comfortable you'll be! We're seeing a yes to that second slice of mom's world famous pecan pie. :)

8.  For artists like Patrick-Earl Barnes whose charming work is great to have on your walls or to wear. Get your PEB for H*O*T Coco Tote before they're gone!

9. For Elena Ferrante, the Italian author who writes exquisitebooks about the friendship of two women through the years. You can't get enough of their riveting story.

10. That the H*O*T sale is on through 11/30 so now that holiday gift list can be checked off. You won't believe the price of this item now!

Robert Gibralter