Up And Coming Art of Fashion Folk Totes.

"Patrick-Earl Barnes work is the art you want to wear!" 

House of Terrance is working with NY based artist Patrick-Earl Barnes on a collection of limited edition tote bags based on Patrick-Earl's stylish and quirky "Deep Folk" paintings.

Patrick-Earl Barnes, born and bred in Shreveport Louisiana, came to NYC in 1995 and began selling his fabric collage artwork on the streets of Soho in 1999. He calls his art "a conjunction of found objects, free association, various styles, and approaches." Working mainly in collage and decoupage, he decks out his Art of Fashion Folk in a captivating mix of fabric and painted clothing on intriguing backgrounds. Patrick-Earl's many fans the world over are truly enchanted with his army of fashionable folk and feel that one is never enough.

When we met, Patrick-Earl and I had a lot in common "My portraitures were often wearing the same fabric and clothes as Terry," says Patrick-Earl. We have been friends for years - I am a proud owner of many of Patrick-Earl's Art of Fashion Folk pieces. I've wanted to partner with Patrick-Earl on fashion projects for a long time. His art and imagery are tailor-made for use on bags, clothing, and home decor.

And, here they come. The totes are here.


Robert Gibralter