The H*O*T List -- Fall's Top 10 Trends

You probably know that we're in the middle of the Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion madness, the New York shows have just finished and London is just starting. And although it still feels like summer outside we bet you're thinking about what you'll be wearing in just a few weeks time. So right on cue we present you with the H*O*T list of the top 10 trends for Fall:

1. Skirts and Dresses over Pants --This trend might seem challenging but it's actually easy to wear and looks good on all body types. And you can always cheat by finding one piece that combines skirt and pants like our vintage one from Comme Des Garçons!

2. Pussy Bow blouses -- These feminine blouses are having a moment and we couldn't be happier! Always appropriate, they add a little polished pretty to any outfit.  Pair them with high-waisted wide-leg pants or jeans.

3. Updated disco -- Who doesn't need a little disco ball sparkle in their lives? We're calling it updated because we like the bling paired with something a little more ladylike such as a ruffled skirt or a pair of flowy pants. Get down tonight! 

4. Pretty Pendants -- Pendants pack a lot of style punch. Perhaps it's just a continuation of the 70s influence on style this season but we're completely smitten with pendants! So easy to wear and they take an outfit from 0 to 80 in seconds!

5. Geek Chic -- All hail the geeks! Remember revenge of the nerds? Well thanks to Mr. Michele of Gucci, revenge is theirs! Now we all want to dress like we just threw on whatever happened to be on the floor when we got up (not really, it just looks that way:) We love it!

6. Wide Leg Trousers -- We think these babies are a little magical. They seem to make you taller, your stride longer, and your posture perfect. Plus there's that comfort factor. We love our skinnies but how nice to actually not worry about our thighs for a change!

7. Chain Belts -- Jewelry for your waist and great is that! We love wearing 2 or 3 at a time in the same metal and size like the vintage Italian ones on H*O*T. But adding just one can really zhush up a simple outfit or LBD.

8. Long Cardi over Longer Dress -- We love this trend because it's such a great one when transitioning our wardrobes to cooler weather. We get to keep wearing our beautiful ethereal midis from summer by just popping on a long and languid topper in a corresponding shade.

9. 70s Redux -- We know...we've been talking 70s for seasons now!  But this decade continues to influence designers in a big way. We think lots of them were children then and what mommy wore made a big impression. We dig it man!

10. The Graphic Print Dress -- We all know there's nothing easier than reaching for that perfect dress in the morning. And a graphic print does all the work for you! You really don't have to worry about much more than a swipe of lipstick. 

Robert Gibralter