Join us at the intersection of art and fashion!

For those of you that don't know the story of the PEB for H*O*Tcollaboration, here's the short version. Years ago my shopping buddies and I discovered Patrick-Earl on the streets of Soho selling his fresh and fabulous Art of Fashion Folk among many other of his works. 

We were immediately drawn to their great mix of color, the collaged fashion that looked just like pieces we wanted to wear, and their cool expressive faces. We collected them, gave them as gifts, and couldn't get enough. Fast forward almost 20 years to the launch of my retail website House of Terrance and one of the first things I did was a collaboration with my extremely talented old friend Patrick-Earl Barnes. 

Our first products were tote bags which featured Patrick's charming Art of Fashion Folk. And this past summer we decided to add T-shirts and iPhone cases to the mix. Next up is our first step into the world of interiors with fabulous decorative pillowsfeaturing our favorite characters. Patrick-Earl is in good company too, joining artists like Donald Robertson, Alex Katz and Yayoi Kusama who have created entire worlds featuring their art.

These days everyone is expressing themselves with their fashion choices! Whether by wearing slogans that tell the world just how they feel or sporting an artist's design that lines up perfectly with their aesthetic, everyone is literally wearing their hearts on their sleeves! Not to mention that we're in an election season that's shaping up to be one of the most important in our lives. So important we were moved to create a collection of items to inspire people to vote.

Patrick-Earl calls his art "deep folk" and says it causes the viewer to think, connect, and recollect. We couldn't agree more! 


P.S. Please Vote!