5 Reasons You Need A Jewelry Wardrobe

Imagine these striking images WITHOUT THE JEWELRY. They just wouldn't be the same, would they? They wouldn't have the power to command your attention and in fact it would seem like something was missing. H*O*T believes there's no more important accessory than jewelry for putting your personal style stamp on your overall look. With this in mind we give you....

The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Jewelry Wardrobe:

1. You'll stand out from the crowd. 
Wearing unique and interesting jewelry immediately separates you from a sea of similar looking outfits, whether basic business attire during the week or head-to-toe denim on the weekends. It's the easy way to make an outfit truly yours, especially if you choose eye-catching, bold pieces.

2. You'll instantly update your look.
Nothing could be easier than throwing on a 90s era choker or giving mismatched earrings a go, showing the world you're paying attention to the latest trends. You'll instantly update your look without having to buy an entire new look.

3. You'll have more confidence leading to better days.
We've noticed over the years that we've gotten more compliments on our jewelry choices over anything else we were wearing! Jewelry really commands attention and being thoughtful about it sends a message that you care about your look and you're got the confidence to make it your own.                                                               

4. You'll need less clothing and save money.
If you really plan and expand your jewelry wardrobe you'll actually need fewer pieces of clothing in your closet. Wearing that LBD to dinner again? Don't buy a new dress, just pair it with a dramatic colorful necklace to take it to a whole new level. 

5. You'll save time getting dressed. It's easier to pile on an arm full of cool looking cuffs or to layer a few pretty necklaces on your go-to turtleneck than to try and figure out an entire outfit, wouldn't you agree? Jewelry can give those go-to outfits in your wardrobe multiple looks. And once you've gotten them down you'll be well dressed in a nano second!

This quarter H*O*T is focusing primarily on jewelry (and of course P-EB for H*O*T bags!). We added tons of really beautiful and unique pieces that are just perfect to zhush up your jewelry wardrobe, so check it out HERE.

Have fun!


Robert Gibralter