7 H*O*T Fashion Resolutions For '17

Happy 2017!  We've just finished the first 10 days of the new year and aren't we all ecstatic to have 2016 behind us? Let's make it a stellar year, regardless of its challenges. Begin with these 7 personal style resolutions:

1. Finally get serious about closet organization! 

If you need help identifying things that should go, here are 10 ideas (plus, don't forget you can just hire H*O*T to do it):
- Shoes with heels so high you can never keep them on for more than an hour.
- Anything that's supposed to be white but is now dingy or yellowed.
- Clothing with elastic that's lost its strength--what damn good is it?
- Absolutely anything that doesn't fit, especially whatever would be perfect if you just lost 5 lbs.
- Those heavy-ass earrings that kill your lobes after 10 min. of wear.
- Wedge sneakers, duh! Their time is definitely over. Get height with the new platform shoe.
- That stained and beat tote bag that looks like it's seen better days.
- Pilled sweaters aren't pretty! Toss them now.
- Overly ripped jeans (we don't mind a few tears), another fad that needs to be put to rest.
- Sale must-haves that you've been saving for the perfect occasion--it's not coming, ok? 

2. Try something in the Pantone color of the year--Greenery!  

If you just can't embrace this fresh shade of green, go with 2016's color of the year -- Rose Quartz. It's still hugely popular (many designers chose it for their spring '17 collections) and looks good on everyone.

3. Promise yourself you'll try a brand new trend to update your wardrobe. 

A few to consider:
- Lux-leisure which is next level athleisure
- Loose cuts and bigger silhouettes
- Art inspired clothing
- Bright Stripes
- Joyous shades of pink
- Platforms or
- Khakis are the new jeans
- Novelty handbags
- Re-invention of the button-down shirt
- Pendent necklaces instead of the ubiquitous choker. We're so over them, right?

4. For those in an online shopping rut why not venture out to some bricks and mortar shops for a change. 

Here are some of our favorites in New York City to check out:
- In Support Of, 342 West 13th
- Personnel of New York, 9 Greenwich Avenue
Figue, 268 Elizabeth Street
- Brother Vellies, 6 Fulton Street
- Enfold, 141 Bleeker Street
- Warm 181 Mott Street
- Cos 505 5th Avenue (there are other locations as well)
- Legacy, 109 Thompson Street
- Assembly New York, 170 Ludlow Street
- Blue Tree, 1283 Madison Avenue

5. Make a statement, slogans are the new logo. 

It must be these crazy times we're living in because for a while now people have wanted to express themselves literally with what they're wearing. Slogans and imagery that make a point have never been more popular. Get in on the trend and tell 'em just how you feel!

6. Express yourself with a thought-out stylish jewelry look.

I think we all agree that nothing ups your personal styling game like a beautiful and well-planned layering of necklaces, bracelets or rings. If you've been hesitant to try out this popular and stylish jewelry look now's the time to make it your own. Choose just one of the three to focus on and experiment pairing pieces until you get the look you like and feel comfortable with. Instant slayage!

7. Get creative when it comes to ways to improve your fashion game. 

Consider using companies that allow you to sell those unwanted but still great designer pieces you might have in the back of the closet and haven't worn in ages. One that comes to mind is Material World. Their innovative approach allows you to send in your things for a quote. If you accept, they give you the ability to use your credit to shop online and in store at 700+ retailers!  What a win-win!

Robert Gibralter