The New Pauline de Roussy de Sales Instagram Collection!

Collection inspired by Instagram street style star @lindaandwinks

It's no news that House of Terrance is collaborating with H*O*T young talent, Pauline de Roussy de Sales -- but what is news is our latest collection of fashion and accessories that we're calling The Instagram Collection. You'll remember that Pauline joined H*O*T as one of our collaborating artists this past summer and we're thrilled to have her! 

Like everyone we know, we spend a few minutes (maybe more:) a day scrolling through that time-suck wonderland, aka Instaworld. One of our fave feeds to peruse is Pauline's. We love so many of her whimsical and entertaining drawings that we decided we just had to create a collection, sourced straight from her feed to you! 

We chose some of her illustrations to embellish tees, totes, iPhone cases and caps. We're particularly in love with the fashionable women Pauline draws inspired by the always stylish streets of NYC. We want everything they're wearing, along with their insouciant street style. Make sure and check out the new collection here We're sure you're going to want to make many pieces your own. And remember they make perfect gifts too!



Robert Gibralter