Vintage is H*O*T!

Wow! The Manhattan Vintage Show was rocking last weekend. Attendees were an amazingly diverse group of all ages, ethnicities, and style types. This show is held three times a year and brings together vintage dealers from all over the United States and Canada for 2 days of vintage shopping heaven! This fall's event featured 88 vendors spread throughout the gigantic football field size space at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Each vendor really goes all out to create a booth that mimics their store, bringing tons of merchandise to create a vintage wonderland! We've been attending the Manhattan Vintage show for more than 20 years and have made so many good friends who we really look forward to seeing and catching up with on all things vintage.

This show was super successful because there's been a real upsurge of interest in vintage goods. There are a few reasons vintage feels so on point right now. First, blame Alessandro Michele whose new look for Gucci could be called "high thrift" in our estimation. Many others designers, including Prada's little sis Miu Miu and even Dolce & Gabbana, seem heavily influenced by the Gucci design approach. And of course, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui have always taken a deep dive in the vintage dress-up box, mining the 60s and 70s regularly. 

Here are other reasons vintage is a fabulous way to go:

1. Vintage is the perfect way to get a major dose of individuality into your wardrobe. Most vintage finds are, by the time we're discovering them, one of kind.

2.  For the sheer joy of the hunt, scoring a special vintage piece in an amazing print, shape or color is a major coup. 

3. Vintage shopping can be economical, often costing much less than what's currently in store. With vintage, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

H*O*T advises keeping the following rules in mind when shopping and buying vintage:

1. Always mix vintage with newer pieces and never wear it head to toe or you could end up looking like you're heading to a costume party (unless you are!). Make sure and pair your vintage pieces with new on-trend items to give yourself that interesting and modern mix.

2. Don't be intimidated by vintage or afraid that you won't look like yourself. Look for pieces that reflect your style be it classic, boho, edgy, or something else entirely. You can always find your style represented in vintage wear.

3. Try and find earlier versions of whatever the current runway trends are. This season we're seeing lots of wonderful 70s inspired pieces, especially the early 70s when fringe, paisley, corduroy, velvet, and midi lengths ruled. And of course, 80s and 90s fashion is so totally au courant.

4. Consider tailoring your vintage finds if they don't fit perfectly. Getting your clothes tailored to fit properly is our number 1 tip for looking good, whether you're wearing new or vintage clothing! You'd be amazed at what a difference it makes when your clothes fit your body perfectly.

One last note -- we were amazed at the range of jewelry for sale at the Manhattan Vintage Show! Tables full of baubles from every decade were available for a wide range of prices. It was a jewelry lovers paradise! If you missed the show don't worry, we have lots of great vintage pieces for great prices in our store, HOUSE OF TERRANCE. Scroll down to see some of our stand out items.


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