Fall's 5 H*O*T Jewelry Trends!

These are the 5 H*O*T*T*E*S*T jewelry trends this fall:

1. Light as a feather.
2. Talismans for luck.
3. Souped up hoops.
4. Crystal clear.
5. Mixed not matched.

The best place to get all 5 trends at ultra-affordable prices?

House of Terrance, of course!


1. Light as a feather.
Pretty, ethereal, and lightweight, feathers are so easy to wear. What more could you ask for?

2. Talismans for luck.
Give us a rabbit's foot, an evil eye charm, a hamsa or something! We're all just looking for a little protection these days.

3. Souped up hoops.
We love the hoop for it's classic, always appropriate style. This season they get some extra oomph but are still completely wearable.

4. Crystal clear.
Crystal's bold sparkle never fails to get our attention and can't we all use a little more brilliance? :)

5. Mixed not matched.
Take mix and match to a whole new level. Get creative and wear a different earring on each ear. We have so many earrings to choose from on our site that could work well for this trend like these three below.

Robert Gibralter