Summer's 4 H*O*T Earring Trends!

These are the 4 H*O*T*T*E*S*T earring trends this summer:

1. On the fringe.
2. Shoot some hoops.
3. Still a girl's best friend.
4. Be a baller.

The best place to get all 4 trends at an ultra affordable price?

House of Terrance, of course!


1. On the fringe -- The fringe earring trend has been going strong for a couple of seasons now. We think it's staying power is due to its flattering fan shape, the breadth of materials that can be used (including silk threads, beads, and semi-precious stones) and the comfort factor. We've got a range of styles on H*O*T.

2. Shoot some hoops -- Hoops are always in style and seem to be especially popular in the summertime. Guess it's all those flattering bare necks and shoulders, the better to show off those pretty hoops my dear. Hoops can be delicate and demure or full on bold and bodacious, H*O*T has you covered either way.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.15.50 AM.png

3. Still a girl's best friend -- You can never go wrong reaching for pearls, but lately, sweet and conservative pearls have gone all feisty. We loved the double sided pearls that Dior created several years ago that started the fad. And pearl earring designs have continued to get more and more interesting. Check out the ones we have on H*O*T.

4. Be a baller -- Another big trend this year has been the ubiquitous ball earring. Whether made up of 1 large ball or several different sized (or even the same size) all in a row, dangling ball earrings have really struck a chord with jewelry fans. They can be casual or very dressy depending on the materials used. H*O*T can help you be a baller.

Robert Gibralter