Stand Out From The Pack!

A few weeks ago I shared the top trends in jewelry for this fall. One of the trends and perhaps my personal favorite is 'the statement earring'. Here's what I said about them:

We just can't seem to get enough of major ear adornment! This fall, indulge in unique earrings that get you noticed.  Wearing a pair of special earrings is an easy way to nail this season's trends no matter your personal style, there's something for everyone. Oh, and btw, this includes the loud statement made by the bold over-the-top single earring as well as the very of-the-moment mismatched pair.

We didn't think earrings could possibly become even more of a statement but somehow they have. Whether you're a lover of arts and crafts inspired pieces, over the top 80s style gold earrings, reimagined hoops, the new geometric styles or modern art inspired takes on the face, we've got it for you! Plus, there's no easier way to spice up your outfit, take it from day to evening or just get ready to wow them for the holidays! Yes, ready or not, they're in our very near future. Gifts anyone?

What kind of jewelry animal are you? Send me a note and I'll help you pick out just the right pieces to stand out from the pack! 


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Robert Gibralter