We're exactly 5 weeks away from what could prove to be the most significant election in our lifetime. If there's one thing we learned from that fateful day in November 2016, it's that there is no single action more important than exercising our right to VOTE. If we don't, then we deserve whatever happens as a result of shirking our civic duty.

Recently we asked our wonderfully collaborative H*O*T artists to come up with some new designs to help get the midterms vote message out. Artists Patrick-Earl Barnes and Mark Fina delivered fantastic new designs for women and men that we know you're going to want to wear!

Patrick-Earl added to his compelling blackboard series with his charming fashion folk standing in front of blackboards that read "I Will Vote in 2018." We know you're down with that! And Mark Fina continued in his graphic style with a distinctive target featuring a blue D and a striking V for "Vote! Take Back The Power!" Now that's a message we can get behind!


Robert Gibralter