CLOSET HORROR SHOW! 5 Tricks That Aren't Too Scary.


Given that it's almost Halloween, you're probably facing or have already faced the scary chore of switching your closet over for the winter season. If you're lucky or have paired down efficiently, you have a closet large enough to hold all seasons. If you're like me with limited closet space and too many clothes, it's a major headache and one I never look forward to. I typically drag my feet on this one until it's just too chilly to put off anymore. This year we've had winter temps in early Oct. so I'm really overdue! 

I have to admit this is one chore I'm getting tired of and can chalk that up to several reasons. First, I'm old enough to have amassed far too many clothes, shoes, and accessories and aware that I need to continue downsizing. And, I'm at that point in my life where I just want everything to be a lot easier.  I keep dreaming of a paired down "capsule" wardrobe that will make dressing easier and also do away entirely with the old closet switchover. 

Here are 5 ways to help us pare down our seasonal wardrobes and hopefully make the closet switching task less of a headache:


1. Develop a killer closet strategy
Employ a few tried and true closet rules to really get control over your things. Try to keep to the 1 item in, 1 item out approach. This is good for your closet as well as your budget! Organize your closet by color or by item so that it's super easy to find what you're looking for and see what goes with what. Place a full-length mirror in the closet if you have room or as close as you can get it. Mine is right on the closet door. Lastly, edit your closet continuously to keep things under control.


2. Consider the Uniform Approach to Dressing
Why is it so much easier for guys to get dressed and out the door? Haven't you often envied how effortlessly the men in your life can get ready for whatever life throws their way? There's really something to be said for a uniform, a classic suit that you can make look different every time you wear it with the addition of fabulous accessories and just the right shirts, blouses, vests or sweaters. Consider creating a "personal uniform" which consists of pieces you love that feel like you and let you present yourself authentically to the world. 

3. Is the clothing rental model for you? 
One way to get control over your closet is to have less in it. These days many women are taking advantage of newish online businesses which allow you to rent clothing, wear it for a period as long or short as you like and then return it for more. If you really fall in love with any of the pieces you can buy them at a discount. Here's an article on 5 of the current top clothing rental sites

4. Join the Repeats Movement!
I love this new movement gaining stream called "Repeats".  You might have seen several stories lately about celebs like Tiffany Haddish who have come out in favor of rejecting pressure to always wear something new for every event. There's no shame in wearing your favorites over and over regardless of social media dictates. I definitely have pieces that I love in my wardrobe and have enjoyed wearing over and over for years so this movement really appeals to me. And think how great it is for keeping your closet streamlined! 


5. Hire H*O*T to help you organize your closet and discover your style! 
Let me help you really tackle your closet this time around. I can use an objective eye to help you finally get rid of all those things you've been holding on to for ages. You know, those things you think you'll wear when you finally lose 5lbs. or have the perfect event for them :) Let them go! After we've edited everything thoroughly, we can get a fix on your style and make a plan for filling in the gaps. You can't believe how phenomenal you'll feel with a totally revamped closet and updated style to boot! Contact me here.

For another great how-to-dress resource, check out Arianna Huffington's website Thrive Global for her newest endeavor. It's called Thrive Style: the New Power Dressing and the articles found here touch on some of the ideas presented above. 

Happy Halloween!


Robert Gibralter