Oh no! There are less than 30 days until Christmas! We know you have a list a mile long and are looking for unique gifts for all the special people on it. We're willing to bet that list includes some of the following usual suspects. 

If you need some help shopping, please let me know.


For your fabulous friend who loves to fantasize about the stories behind vintage jewelry -- she'll love any one of these special pieces.

For your too-cool-for-school nephew who's always on the lookout for the newest arty T-shirts, Hoodies, and phone cases.

For your mom, "the decorator" who is always on the hunt for interesting home decor.

For your bestie who's really into unique jewelry with an ethnic flair.

For your daughter who doesn't make a move without consulting the stars.

For your teenage niece who craves the newest jewelry.

For your aunt who's part of the resistance and doesn't let anyone forget it! :)

For your office mate who never stops talking about her dog.

Robert Gibralter