8 Summer Getaway Packing Tips


I love summertime because it means sweet weekend getaways!  Whether you're going to the beach, the lake or a lovely new city or town you'll want to make packing as easy and stress-free as possible. My goal is to look as stylish as I can without taking much. The key is making sure everything works together effortlessly. You should be wearing each piece 2 or 3 times on your trip and if not don't pack it!  Here's my ultimate packing list that works for most long weekend summer trips (maybe not for dressier occasions like weddings though). Use this as your basic list and add only those items you might need for specific activities.

1 blazer, jacket or cardigan
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shorts
2 T-shirts
1 slightly dressier top
1 cute and easy dress that can double as a beach cover-up or robe
1 bathing suit (2 if the weekend is full of water action)
1 large scarf (can be used as a pareo, head wrap or shawl)
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of sandals           
1 pair of PJs or a big T-shirt for sleeping

1 large tote bag
1 bold pair of earrings (H*O*T ones of course!)
1 or 2 colorful headbands (indispensable at the pool or beach)
1 belt  

8 Packing Tips:

1. Pack 2-3 colors only.
Stick to a travel wardrobe limited to 2-3 colors to simplify packing choices and help you look instantly more pulled together. Base your colors on the one piece you'll be wearing with everything on the trip like your tote bag or scarf.

2. Lay it all out.
Lay out everything you plan on taking before you pack to see what goes with what and make sure it all works. This allows for a tight edit and a chance to eliminate a few unnecessary things :)

3. Work that double duty!
Packing for short trips is a great time to see what items you have that can work for multiple uses. Think about using your bathing suit as a dressy bodysuit with jeans, slacks or shorts. Take a really cute makeup bag in case you need one for the evening. If you're flying, why not wear your exercise clothes? Nothing more comfortable than a pair of leggings and an oversize T-shirt. Just pull the look together with a blazer, long cardigan or kimono jacket.

4. Most Important accessory!
If you ask me the most invaluable accessory to take on any getaway regardless of where you're going is a pair of gorgeous oversized earrings. There's no easier way to add a little oomph to any outfit no matter how casual, even bathing suits! Here are a few from H*O*T that add instant glam:


5. Roll vs. fold.
When packing, always roll clothing vs. folding. Items will take up less space AND be less wrinkled when you unpack them. 

6. Good use for shoe bags.
Shoe bags (the ones that come with new shoes) are perfect for separating the things you are taking. And they help make repacking easier. Store underwear, swimwear, delicates in different bags within your luggage. 

7. More bags.
Don't forget to travel with a range of different size bags for everything from storing dirty laundry to storing souvenirs. Why not use some of the hundreds of lightweight promotional totes we're all inundated with?

8. Mini-containers.
Contact lens cases make great mini containers for small amounts of moisturizer, concealer, and serums. And of course, traveling is the time to use up all of the great skin care and cosmetic samples we've been collecting all year!

P.S. Don't forget your phone charger and your SPF!

Have fun!


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Robert Gibralter