10 Things To Love In Beauty This Summer

I've been obsessed with cosmetics and beauty products since I was a 5-year-old watching with awe as my Mom and Grandmother applied their magic potions. I was even sent home from 2nd grade because I doused myself in mom's Youth Dew before going to school one day! I also spent most of my career in advertising working on a wide range of beauty products so being surrounded by every beauty product under the sun has been the norm. 

People are always asking me what products I use. I'm often asked as I make my way about the city what lip color I'm wearing. I've had plenty of inquiries into my eyeshadow look of the day, too! Although I haven't written at all about beauty products in a H*O*T email or blog post, they are certainly a big part of my look and to me just as important to personal style as clothing is.

Makeup enhances your overall look, complimenting your #OOTD, every day!

Of course, makeup is only as good as the canvas it's applied to and that's where hard-working, efficacious treatment products come in. We seem to be in the golden age of powerful and effective skin treatment available at all price points, how exciting! There are several that I use daily and have listed for you below.

If you think you'd like some help exploring the very crowded and confusing world of beauty whether, in department stores, specialty stores like Ulta, Sephora, and Blue Mercury or lesser known beauty boutiques, please get in touch

Hope the rest of your summer is as beautiful as you are!


1. Deciem The Ordinary Retinoid Serum.  This Canadian company has amassed millions of fans in no time for their no-nonsense, ultra-low priced, serious skin care options. I've been using a retinol product for years, paying close to a $100 for one from my pricey derm. This one is $7.90, you read that right! And it works just as well, I swear!

1. Deciem The Ordinary Retinoid Serum. This Canadian company has amassed millions of fans in no time for their no-nonsense, ultra-low priced, serious skin care options.  I've been using a retinol product for years, paying close to a $100 for one from my pricey derm. This one is $7.90, you read that right! And it works just as well, I swear!


2. TruSkin Naturals C Pro-Face Serum. Vitamin C is one of the products you need to be applying to your skin daily because it's an indispensable nutrient for collagen production. This one from Tru-Skin Naturals is another great bargain and works. It targets the most common signs of aging:  lack of brightness and firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots & sun spots. Yay!!


3. Gold and Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches by Petitfée. I found out about these luxurious yet inexpensive eye patches on New York Magazine's The Strategist, an excellent resource for just about anything you need to buy. These feel amazing, make your undereye area look instantly better and hey, they're gold and sparkly!


4. Sunday Riley Auto Correct Brightening and De-puffing Eye Contour Cream. Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with products for the undereye area, my Achilles heel when it comes to skin issues. I love this product that delivers instant results making the under eye area look de-puffed, brighter and tighter.


5. Charlotte Tilbury the Retoucher Conceal and Treat Stick. For me, a great concealer is the number 1 product in my arsenal, see above. I'm totally in love with this one from Charlotte Tilbury whose beauty dynasty is chocked full of amazing products. This one surpasses the famous YSL Touche Eclat in my estimation.


6. Peter Thomas Roth Brush On Sunscreen SPF 45. We all know there's nothing more important as sunscreen in our daily beauty regimen but does anyone really re-apply every 2 hours as suggested?? This product makes it super easy to always be protected with a quick swipe with the built-in brush. Genius!


7. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette. Ok, I'll admit it, I just have to have a product that has the word SPICE in the name! I mean H*O*T is all about spicing things up, right?! These gorgeous shadows from beauty queen Rihanna are all you need for basic eyeshadow looks to full-on glam.


8. Troy Surratt Liquid Eyeliner. My eye look is never complete without a swoosh of a cat eye either subtle or bold depending on where I'm going or how I'm feeling. This liner is my absolute favorite for getting the look right everytime. It's pricey but lasts forever and is refillable. 


9. Milk Lip Pencil in Name Drop. I'm pretty sure I've never received more compliments on a lip color as I have with this one from Milk Cosmetics. First of all, I love a lip pencil because nothing is easier to apply and you're getting a built-in lipliner. And this one delivers an intense bolt of true bright red which stays on forever!


10. Phlur Fragrance in HepCat. Would you ever think you could be happy with a fragrance available only online and therefore not one you've ever smelled before? Well, I didn't either. Yet this innovative fragrance company does such a brilliant job of getting you to understand each of their all natural products that you'll end up loving it. I like spicy (of course!) and HepCat delivers.

Robert Gibralter