Your H*O*T Jewelry Horoscope!

It's no secret that I'm a proud Lion with a birthday coming up in a few days. I always enjoy checking out my horoscope and even though the grounded skeptic in me says c'mon Terry you know it's silly, I can't help but read whatever type of horoscope I come across for my fiery sign :) I thought it would be fun for this week's H*O*T email to take a look at traits for all the star signs and make some suggestions for the best H*O*T jewelry to express your sign's style. 

I see sparkle in your future!



Your traits: 
 generous, organized and demanding. 

H*O*T advice:  please just get over yourself, we know we're asking the impossible here Leo but do give it a try.

Your jewelry style:  anything that says “look at me!" like these bold Boks & Baum for H*O*T red and gold danglers. 


Your traits:  logical, practical, and perfectionist. 

H*O*T advice:  take a chill pill, perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Your jewelry style:  classic pieces that aren't too trendy, especially those with an earthy quality, like these natural-toned chiclet stretch bracelets.


Your traits:  balanced, emotional, and spiritual. 

H*O*T advice:  sometimes balance is for the birds Libra lady, can you just make up your mind for Pete's sake?

Your jewelry style:  feminine pieces with special details. This sparkling jet bead choker with lotus charm fits the bill.


Your traits:  passionate, exacting, and reflective.

H*O*T advice:  every once in a while the drama queen has to take off her crown. We're looking at you Scorpio!

Your jewelry style:  ladylike with an edge, your motto -- less is more. This Tree of Life brooch with rhinestones is exactly that!


Your traits:  happy, creative, and adventurous.

H*O*T advice:  practice revealing your dark side for 5 minutes a day to start, Archer.

Your jewelry style:  anything colorful and unique like these silver cubist profile earrings from France.


Your traits:  driven, calculating, and ambitious.

H*O*T advice:  learn to take some risks, what's the worst that can happen?

Your jewelry style:  ladylike classic pieces that exude old-school glamour, like this vintage gold and jet stones bangle.


Your traits:
  communicative, outgoing, and individualistic.

H*O*T advice:  you won't always be able to avoid confrontation, so be prepared.

Your jewelry style:  quirky fun pieces that show your sense of humor and expressive style. Do it with this clever ribbon brooch with rhinestone center.


Your traits:  likable, energetic and sensitive.

H*O*T advice:  take off the rose-colored glasses for a minute for a welcome dose of reality.

Your jewelry style:  glamorous, feminine pieces with magical shimmer and shine. Sparkle with these shell and pearl dangle earrings.


Your traits:  optimistic, warm and vital.

H*O*T advice:  dial it back Ms. Ram and let others take the lead for a change.

Your jewelry style:  you're the first with new trends, you love bright colors and bold dramatic shapes. And this Milly necklace of fabric beads ticks both of those boxes!


Your traits:  dependable, grounded and controlling.

H*O*T advice:  sometimes it's more fun not knowing what's going to happen.

Your jewelry style:  strongly textured pieces with gemstones are your favorite so how can you resist these earrings made with sparkling druzy stones and faceted crystal?

Your traits:  charming, creative and fun-loving. 

H*O*T advice:  we all have to grow up sometime, even you dear Gemini. 

Your jewelry style:  expressing yourself through whimsical statement pieces that demand attention. Demand it in these floral fantasy hoop earrings


Your traits:  emotional, family oriented and dependable.

H*O*T advice:  still waters run deep but maybe check out the shallow end for a change.
Your jewelry style:  elegant and classy pieces that don't overshadow. You can never go wrong with this gold hinged T bangle bracelet.

Robert Gibralter