Private Jewelry Sale in NYC! Wednesday, August 15th


We're so excited to welcome our favorite jeweler, Sylvie Boksenbaum, and her lovely business director Bulle Decastille, to New York City next week.  They're in town for the massive trade show New York Now and we've planned a H*O*T Private Sale - Wednesday, Aug. 15th where you'll get to shop some of the amazing pieces Sylvie is bringing to town at special prices. If you would like to attend please send us a message here.


To see more of boks & baum jewelry, visit their website here. If you're not able to make our soiree perhaps you can be comforted with one of the new t-shirts we are making with boks & baum. This cute trompe l'oeil T-shirt features the iconic boks & baum Riviera necklace. It's available in black and white, short and long sleeves and can be purchased here. Make a statement with this fabulous T-shirt!

We partnered with Sylvie to produce a pair of stunning earrings only available on H*O*T. They are immensely wearable, light as a feather, in a beautiful combination of gold and red. We still have a few pairs left! And with the H*O*T 50% off summer jewelry sale on now, you can get them at a really great price here.

Let me share a little background on my good friend Sylvie Boksenbaum. Sylvie is one of those amazingly creative souls who is always making something you're dying to get your hands on. When I met her in Paris she designed and sold luxury knitwear from a charming little boutique in the Marais, a neighborhood in Paris which was becoming the place to shop at the time. Soon Sylvie began her peripatetic expatriate life with her journalist husband and two sons which took them to South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico. 

It was during one of these postings that Sylvie came up with the concept for her brilliant boks & baum jewelry line. Being allergic to metals, she was always searching for a way to wear stylish costume jewelry without breaking out. She invented a technique of wrapping pieces with cotton and silk threads while incorporating semi-precious stones, crystals, and pearls in the designs, the result is a lightweight, colorful work of art that absolutely makes an outfit!

Today boks & baum is handmade in Mexico City and sold all over the world -- France, USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, Libya, Israel, Morocco, Japan, Switzerland, and of course Mexico. 

Hope to see you next Wednesday evening!


Robert Gibralter