Introducing Fashion Artist Airwan Isle Groove!

Meet Airwan Isle Groove! And yes, this young artist is as interesting as his name. I learned about Airwan and his captivating art from a lovely friend who, like Airwan is young, French and trés charmant! 

Airwan is an artist and illustrator based in Paris. I met him here in New York during his 6 months stay in the states to create new works, exhibit, and travel. Airwan has a masters degree from The École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts of Paris and is well known there for painting (or tagging) on advertising posters in the Paris Metro. He works in oils and pastels. A video of Airwan at work in the metro is below.

When we first met, Airwan shared his work with me along with the extremely thoughtful philosophy that motivates it. His style is minimalist, symbolic, and automatic. We believe his Miro-like designs which are full of mysterious symbols and undulating lines are perfect elements to wear! With House of Terrance, Airwan is moving full force into the fusion of art and fashion. He is very energized by our partnership and we are too!


Robert Gibralter