Introducing De La Forge Fake Piercing Earrings!


I'm so happy to announce that we've added an exciting new jewelry brand to the mix at House of Terrance! It's called Faux Piercings De La Forge and these beautiful pieces give you the look of piercings without having to get your ears pierced. Have you been loving the look of multiple earings placed up the ear and paired with a traditionally pierced lobe but you're not ready to commit to new piercings? I know I have! 

I met founder and designer Maëlle de la Forge last summer at the New York Now tradeshow and was immediately drawn to the intriguing concept of faux piercings delivered in such beautiful shapes and designs. Maëlle is driven by a constant search for new ways to wear jewelry that allow for freedom of expression and are true accessories to one's style identity.

The Faux Piercings De La Forge earring does not require a pierced ear to wear them. They are easy to put on and take off. Comfortable and lightweight, they can be worn daily. Available in 18-carat gold plate, the pieces are handmade in Paris with the highest quality craftsmanship. 

We launch with 5 different Faux Piercing earrings, from the tiny delicate Saturn Mini Loop to the larger more statement-making, Juno. I hope you'll be as intrigued and inspired as I am by these beautiful sculptural shapes that are an easy and perfect way to spice up your earring game!


Robert Gibralter