HOUSE OF TERRANCE in the New York Times on Jewelry Style


The New York Times published an article online yesterday sharing insights on the amazing influence of Frida Kahlo on women around the world. Ruth La Ferla, the highly respected style reporter for the Times, has been obsessed with Frida's life and iconic fashion influence just like me and so many others.

I connected with Ruth a while back on Instagram and was thrilled when she reached out to me to have a conversation about Frida Kahlo's influence and jewelry. Lo and behold we chatted for over an hour and could have gone on!

We are honored to be considered for our point of view on fashion and to have HOUSE OF TERRANCE mentioned and linked in the article. Here is a paragraph from the article that mentions us. Thanks, Ruth!

Terry Gibralter feels a similar connection. House of Terrance, her website, is awash in items meant to conjure the artist. Like the Kahlo originals, some pieces, including evil eye earrings and hammered gold hands resembling a pair Picasso was said to have given Kahlo, are imbued with touches of mysticism. “Wearing them can make you feel kind of protected,” Ms. Gibralter said.
— New York Times Style

And here are some of the pieces for sale on our online boutique. If you want to talk about Frida Kahlo, send me a note here

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