Styling session with Julie Cottineau of Brand Twist. Photo by Alison Sheehey Photography.

Styling session with Julie Cottineau of Brand Twist. Photo by Alison Sheehey Photography.

Get Your Own Personal Shopper!

Do you often wish you had your own personal shopper? Would you love to outsource the time and footwork it takes to find those perfect items? Are you looking for a unique gift but don't have time to scour websites and stores to find it? Need a bit of a wardrobe update? Or perhaps a total overhaul? 

H*O*T can help you with your shopping and styling needs.

Here are some ways I can help:

• Help you take control of your closet. Get rid of things that you don't need or use and organize everything else. Try the H*O*T version of Kondo-ing!

• Find the perfect gift for special occasions - birthdays, holidays, weddings, housewarmings, graduations, ...

• Find the perfect business gifts

• Select some simple seasonal wardrobe items.

• Give you a shopping strategy, and map out a route to guide you to the right stores for your needs and interests.

• Arrange a guided shopping tour through New York City for you alone or with your friends or business colleagues.

I love shopping, styling, fashion, beauty and design! I promise to give each and every assignment my fullest attention, creativity, and ingenuity.

Here's how it works:

1. Please fill in this form.

2. I'll arrange a convenient time for a phone call, FaceTime, or Skype call. We'll explore and define your shopping brief - what you want, timing, budget, and key considerations.

3. I'll give you a written proposal by email - how I'll do it and how much it will cost.

4. When you sign the brief and quote, off I go to shop for you or to set up our shopping trip together.

I promise you that shopping with me will be more creative, inspiring, quicker, and more fun than you can possibly imagine. 

Let's get started!


Let Us Create H*O*T Customized Gift Boxes For You!

H_O_T Box 2.jpg

One of my brilliant clients had a genius idea this summer! She asked me if I could turn a recent blog post on my favorite summer beauty items into boxed gifts for all the important women in her life.  Of course, I said yes and it occurred to me that other smart women might like to give personalized boxed gifts as well. Voilà, the H*O*T Box was born! If you need a special customized gift featuring jewelry, beauty products, or just about anything, I can do it for you. Just get in touch here and tell me what you need.

I look forward to helping you give the best gifts!