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It's a H*O*T Summer Jewelry Sale!

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Spice Up Your Style

I help women spice up their style, organize, accessorize, and find new ways to overcome fashion fatigue. It’s time to organize your closet and shop again.

Cool Dressing for H*O*T Days!

10 Basic Rules

Here's what I learned about dressing for the heat and humidity after living in Singapore for almost seven years.

8 Summer Getaway Packing Tips

I love summertime because it means sweet weekend getaways!  Whether you're going to the beach, the lake or a lovely new city or town you'll want to make packing as easy and stress-free as possible. My goal is to look as stylish as I can without taking much. The key is making sure everything works together effortlessly.

8 Ways to Spice Up Your Work Wardrobe!

Maybe you're feeling like your office wardrobe has become a little stale and predictable? Here are 8 ways to spice up your work wardrobe.

1. Shoot Some Hoops, 2. Draw Straw, 3. Get Cuffed, 4. Buy Belts, 5. Stylize your ID, 6. Tie One On, 7. Lighten Up, and 8. Artify your phone.

We say adding on-trend accessories is the easiest, most cost-effective way to spice it up at work! 

Mastering the Mix

You might think it’s difficult but if you keep a few simple guidelines in mind you'll be mixing like a master in no time!