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I really love to help women spice up their style, organize, accessorize, and find new ways to overcome fashion fatigue. I can offer you an exceptionally wide range of solutions from street art to Prada at Bergdorf’s and beyond.

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The cutest little transparent bag you'll ever see!

In all transparency …

When I joined Bergdorf Goodman as a sales associate and personal shopper last December, I quickly realized the need for a wardrobe of little bags to carry my essentials in. Basically, every day I need to have two iPhones, money, a credit card, and of course my lipstick, all at my fingertips.

I saw what I thought was the perfect little transparent bag on one of my frequent trips to the jewelry district here in Manhattan and snapped it up. Since then I’ve received countless inquiries about my little bag from my colleagues in the store to customers and women on the city streets. I went back to the jewelry district and couldn’t find it anymore. After reporting these comments to my faithful assistant he hunted down a new source and now I’m able to offer it to you!

This bag is the perfect size for your phone, wallet, and lipstick. And for any of you out there who attend sporting events and need to adhere to the transparent bag rules here is the perfect fashionable solution!



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